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Death in Reverse

The Reversal of Despair: a Tale of Life Restored

The day was progressing...

Earlier today, I was listening to music while working, and a specific song I LOVE came on. "Death in Reverse - Stabal Session - Live" by John Mark McMillan. I got to thinking about the idea of death in reverse and this guy named Lazarus that experienced a resurrection. So, I just had to do some lettering to process the thoughts. Oh yeah, I also worked on a little story, a modern retelling of this EPIC moment!

Once long ago, in a small town nestled between rolling hills, the townspeople were consumed by sorrow and loss. Death had taken one of their own, a beloved member of the community named Lazarus. Despite their sadness, they held a celebration in his honor and remembered the joy he had brought into their lives. And at its completion, a massive stone was rolled across the opening of the tomb, and life continued for the living while the dead silently waited. Waiting for what, however, he did not yet know.

Four days after the burial, their mourning was interrupted by a stranger's arrival. Some of them had heard of this man who was a close friend of the deceased. Many of the townies initially mistook him for a wandering beggar. But as he approached the town square, where the grieving continued, they noticed that his eyes were filled with both tears and otherworldly light, and he carried with him an aura of authority, peace, and hope.

The stranger's name was Jesus, and he had come to perform a miracle. He approached Lazarus's tomb and ordered the stone to be taken away. The family of Lazarus protested, reminding Jesus that Lazarus had been dead for four days; by now, the stench would have been unbearable. Nevertheless, the stone was removed, and Jesus, with a voice like thunder, called for the dead man to come out. Suddenly, Lazarus appeared at the opening of the tomb and was raised back to life. The townspeople were stunned and filled with a newfound sense of hope.

Jesus then issued an invitation to all of the townies, asking them to follow him and to find meaning in their lives. He promised to lead them toward a brighter future, where death would no longer be a source of loss and sorrow.

As the townspeople followed Jesus, they found themselves transformed. The once bleak and hopeless community was now filled with joy and a sense of purpose. They had experienced the reverse of despair and knew this was just the beginning of their journey with Jesus.

From that day on, the story of Lazarus and Jesus spread far and wide, inspiring people everywhere to find hope and never give up, even in the face of death.

So why the artwork?

Art, much like Jesus's miracle of resurrecting Lazarus, has the potential to bring life back to the soul. It is a means of expressing and exploring the depths of the human spirit, a way of giving voice to the emotions and experiences that often go unsaid. This is one of the ways I find to stay motivated in my life.

For me and others who create art, the act of creation is a form of resurrection. It takes our innermost thoughts, emotions, and experiences and brings them to life in a new form. Through art, we are able to give birth to new ideas and perspectives to share our souls with the world.

For those who appreciate art, it serves as a source of inspiration and hope. When feeling lost or despairing, a beautiful painting, a touching song, or a powerful play can bring comfort and renewal. The art touches something deep within the observer, reviving their spirit and reminding them of their own humanity.

Just as Jesus's invitation was to follow him and find meaning in life, art also extends an invitation. It invites us to look within ourselves, connect with our emotions and experiences, and find deeper understanding and purpose.

In this way, art can be seen as a form of resurrection for the soul. It can bring new life to our spirits, awaken us to the beauty and potential within us, and provide us with a path toward hope and renewal.

My love of #moderncalligraphy and the desire to make some never before seen #lettering is my stab at creating some #goodtype with #procreate. This #handmadefont is #oneofakind and #handlettered on my #ipadpro because #typematters.



Sharing what tools I use? Yeah, why not! I believe we can all get better, and when we share our tools and techniques, we can truly explore the creative depths found in all of us!

iPad pro 10.5 / #applepencil / Procreate, Splice, Midjourney, ChatGPT / music “music “Invincible” by IamDayLight on Splice / brushes by @stefankunz @ianbernard @visualtimmy



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