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Social Media packages

At Harrell Design, LLC, we are passionate about helping talented individuals and businesses like yours reach their full potential. We understand that one-size-fits-all strategies don't work in today's constantly evolving world, so we create personalized campaigns for each client. We aim to help you achieve your objectives and stand out from the crowd.

With our extensive knowledge of the media and valuable connections, we know how to make your brand shine. We develop compelling stories that get results, cutting through the noise and capturing the attention of your target audience. Whether you need simple graphics or full-scale campaigns, we can make your social media dreams a reality.

We offer four packages uniquely tailored to fit your Social Media needs. 

  1. The Essential Duo Package for $150

  2. The Superior Quad Package for $200

  3. The Elite Trio Plan for $500 per month

  4. The Premiere Pinnacle

We are committed to maximizing your digital marketing efforts with relevant creative designs and a personalized strategy. Our four packages offer varying content-per-channel, a 24/7 accessible social media calendar for the upper tier options, and campaign or industry-specific files for your use in your choice of model.


Let us help you elevate your brand to where it deserves to be. Contact us today to start your journey to success.


Introducing our "Essential Duo" Social Media Package for $150


Elevate your brand with our Essential Duo package for just $150. Get two customized social media post designs for your choice of one platform - Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Provide your text, and our talented designers will craft visually stunning posts that captivate your audience. This package does not include posting the content.

What's Included:
  • Two professionally designed social media posts.-

  • Tailored for your choice of social media platform.

  • Quick turnaround time.

Why Choose Essential Duo?

Our skilled designers deliver high-quality, creative designs that enhance your online presence and ensure consistent branding across channels. Experience a hassle-free process that drives engagement and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.


Invest in your brand's digital success with Essential Duo today.

Not Ready to Decide?

We get it. You need to talk it out. We're here for you. Book a FREE 20-minute consultation and we're sure you'll be ready to take the next step toward getting your social media strategy rolling.

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