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customized creativity with a Lasting Impact

Harrell Design LLC is committed to providing what you need when you need it with customizable packages.

Need social media imagery, motion graphics, and artwork for your DIY social media campaign? We can do that. Check out this hand lettering and illustration that recently garnered hundreds of views on Instagram!

Need help putting together a more comprehensive social media campaign?

Then, we're here for you, too.

What about developing your brand, with all the bells and whistles?

We are your go-to source to help you tell your story.

Our services are scalable, from small to large businesses and everything in between. 

We bill by the hour or on a per-contract basis. We review all projects to ensure we match your needs, and we happily provide a free estimate. We are ready to get started on your next big thing!

Social Media packages


From simple graphics to full campaigns, we will make your social media dreams a reality.


Choose from 4 packages delivering unique content-per-channel, a 24/7 accessible social media calendar, and campaign or industry-specific backgrounds for your use in your choice of model.

Social Media


Branding is where your business makes itself known and differentiates itself from competitors. It traditionally includes a phrase, design, or idea that makes your company or product easily identifiable to the public. 


To build your brand, Harrell Design LLC will help you complete these steps:


  1. Define your identity. A true brand identity can potentially help you get established within your industry.

  2. Highlight your audience.  Your brand helps convey the unique value that your products or services can provide for your specific consumers.

  3. Organize your messaging around the desired identity. A clear brand statement helps you align what you way to whom you are attempting to reach. No wasted efforts or messages; every statement provides clear information to your existing or new customer.

Harrell Design LLC provides this and so much more when crafting and curating your company identity, aligning all your messaging efforts and channels into supportive methods to win and keep your customer.

Elements Available:
  • Logo design

  • Messaging matrix

  • Website development

  • Blogging support

  • Content curation and development

  • Email support

  • Newsletters

  • Lead generation

  • and more.

We stand ready to provide the supporting structure you need to tell your story to your audiences, get new customers, and maintain a timely and relevant messaging plan.



Receive a personal consultation to discuss the scope and reach, an initial design deck of up to three options, and lastly, up to two sets of revisions. Then, we will take your vision and create a brand mark that represents you to the world.



Receive an initial consultation to discuss your professionally written and designed advertising, such as print mailing, magazine ad placement, and more options. We will help you present your message to your customers.



Digital media like email campaigns, lead generation, and downloadable resources are the modern way to capture your current and future customers' attention quickly and precisely. Let's do this. Today.

Website packages

'Nuff said. Everyone knows about them, and if you have a business or message, you need one.

Choose from the three packages below and we will contact you to discuss your project. Or contact us for your specialized requirements. We can help you build your dream.

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