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The Power of Identity: A Reflection on "None of You is What You Were" from "The Chosen"

Today's "Meet the Maker" will show a bit of what truly motivates all of us...our identity

A quote from Season 3, Episode 2 of the hit series "The Chosen" strikes a chord and has the potential to motivate all of us. I know it stopped me in my tracks. Jesus is speaking to the 12, and when they start wondering about his reason for matching a zealot and a traitor as a ministry team, he says"None of you is what you were."

This needs to remind us that our past does not define who we are and that our identity can shift. This message of hope and renewal is especially poignant in today's world, where many people are struggling to find their place in a rapidly changing landscape.

In this article, we will explore the theme of identity in more depth, looking at the way that Jesus' words in "The Chosen" challenge us to rethink our understanding of who we are and what we can become. We will also delve into the creative process of handlettering the phrase "None of You is What You Were," examining the role art and design can play in helping us internalize this message and share it with others.

The Message of "None of You is What You Were"

The message of "None of You is What You Were" is powerful and can potentially transform the lives of those who hear it. At its core, this message is about letting go of our past and embracing the new identity that is available to us in Christ. Whether we have been shaped by our upbringing, our experiences, or our personal failures, the message of "None of You is What You Were" invites us to leave those things behind and start anew.

This message is especially important in a world that often tries to define us by our past experiences and mistakes. Society has a way of labeling people and reducing them to a single aspect of their identity, whether their race, profession, or background. But this is not the way that God sees us. Instead, He looks at us with love and sees the potential for a new creation, identity, and future.

The Role of Art in Shaping Identity

The creative process of handlettering "None of You is What You Were" is a powerful example of how art and design can help us internalize and share important messages. Whether it's through writing, painting, music, or any other form of artistic expression, art can shape how we see the world and how we understand our identity.

In the case of handlettering, carefully crafting each letter and word is a metaphor for how we can carefully craft our own identity. Just as a skilled calligrapher must be intentional about how they form each letter, so must we be intentional about how we shape our own lives and how we present ourselves to the world.

My love of #moderncalligraphy and the desire to make some never before seen #lettering is my stab at creating some #goodtype with #procreate. This #handmadefont is #oneofakind and #handlettered on my #ipadpro because #typematters.



Sharing my tools? Yeah, why not! I believe we can all get better and when we share our tools and techniques, we can truly explore the creative depths found in all of us!

iPad pro 10.5 / #applepencil / Procreate, Splice, Midjourney, ChatGPT / music “Inspirational Speech”  by Ricky Bambino on Splice / brushes by @stefankunz @ianbernard @visualtimmy /



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