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The Great Recognition

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Have you ever had that moment when everything around you seemed recognizable? I had this thought when invited to ponder the baptism of Jesus. What was it like when John first caught Jesus' eyes?

This video contemplates the first moment John and Jesus were together, albeit in utero. Now, John realizes the greatest one is asking him to help usher in the Kingdom of God and "fulfill all righteousness."

I also wrote this #poem. Please comment below if you are willing to share that moment you, too, recognized Jesus, the Lamb of God.

There he stands.

The one I've dreamt of;

The one I thought I knew

is actually unknown,

shrouded in flesh.

He walks towards me.

Stepping into the water.

Our eyes locking;

Our hearts beating;

Our destinies, entwined.

“No, Lord, it is I who should be baptized by you.”

My words hang in the air.

Their presence pregnant with hopeful resignation.

“Let us fulfill all righteousness.”

His words, a command.

Pregnant words.

A pregnancy.

The Word.

Oddly familiar.

He moves forward ;

I take him in my arms

and plunge him

‘neath the river’s surface.

Human holding the divine.

The Divine;

Carried by the created.

Oddly familiar.

The last time

we were in waters together

was 30 years ago.

Each in our mother’s womb.




It was in those waters

I first leaped in His presence.

My heart leaps again

As our eyes lock

On the river’s edge.

And I behold.

The Lamb of God?

The skies rip open,

The Spirit birthing hope

Noah’s dove of promise and peace

Landing on him.

The Voice of God declaring

“This is My own dear son In whom I am well pleased.”

Promise to Promise.

Covenant to Covenant.

Oddly familiar.


Tools / iPad pro 10.5 / #applepencil / @procreate @spliceapp / brushes by @visualtimmy / Music “December” By ANBR

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