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O come, let us adore Him

Like you, I’ve had a lot going on 😫. The last minute crush to meet my work deadlines, finalizing Christmas lettering commissions, and decorating for the 🎄

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with “all the things“ as we barrel towards Christmas. So many distractions, so many activities, so much to get ready for. But what about taking a moment to reflect on another reason for the holiday?

In the middle of this swirl, I felt invited by Holy Spirit to come home, put on some music 🎶, and simply sit and look at our manger scene. The song “Oh Come Let Us Adore Him” by @hillsongworship began to play and as I gazed at the figures before me the thought of the incarnation invaded my busy soul.

Jesus came to a world in chaos. A ruthless political machine, poverty, racial injustice, fear, human trafficking and darkness ruled the day. It was scary time to be alive. But in the face of all the chaos, we are told that many came to gaze upon the Christ—this little one that was the hope of the world.

During a time of great upheaval, the shepherds came, the mystics worshipped, and an entire political machine was interrupted. Chaos ended, if only for a moment, with the cry of the infant King. The whirling wheel of the world in chaos slowed down and the adoration of the Christ child became the most important event in history.

This is an invitation to pause, quiet your soul, and adore the one who came to save us all.


Tools / iPad pro 10.5 / #applepencil / @procreate @splice_app / Check our store, purchase canvases and prints or other items for the holidays from my Etsy market.

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