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Helping you tell your story to the world.

Your story, your way. At Harrell Design LLC, your design and marketing needs are our priority. We recognize:

  1. You have a fantastic story to tell.

  2. You have a life-changing product to sell.

  3. You already have a site and social media in place, but you could use some coaching and tools to take it to the next level.

  4. You want attention-grabbing graphics for presentations or print.


And Harrell Design LLC is ready to help you make that happen. We make your communication needs our priority by helping you:


  • Generate leads through dynamic social media content or campaign packages;

  • prepare attention-grabbing and memorable slide decks for your next presentation;

  • curate and build your business' brand

  • create a strategic communications plan (including logo, print or digital newsletter, social media campaign, website design, and more) that gets your message to your customer.

You provide the passion, and we will match it with everything you need to bring your business communications to life. Check out some design samples, find just the right gift on our #Etsy store, or book a meeting today!


Ready to connect? So am I. Use this form to send me a message, and I'll get back to you soon!


Portfolio available on request.

Tel: 719-229-4083

Thanks for your message! We'll be in touch very soon.

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